Bonnie's Tale

Without Bonnie, Petminda wouldn’t exist! To understand our mission and journey as Petminda, we have to start with Bonnie’s story.

On what felt like a typical day, our lives changed forever. We were heading up to Pets Haven in Wood End nearly every weekend in search of a dog that clicked with us – but to no avail.


As it turns out, a poor pooch, then dubbed Daisy by the shelter, had been abandoned heavily pregnant at a high kill rate rural pound where Pets Haven rescued her and placed her into foster care until she had her pups. We were told that Nova radio’s Wippa had actually adopted one of her pups and advertised the adoption day on the radio.


Not even realising this, we got to the adoption day at opening time and there was a swarm of people who had been waiting outside the shelter for over four hours in anticipation to adopt Bonnie’s pups!


Seeing the crowd, we left and went for a drive, coming back only a few hours later. All the puppies were gone and there was sweet Bonnie, sitting in a cage, head down and the saddest look on her face. She wouldn’t make eye contact and was very stiff. Although we had never imagined adopting a staffy as we were in a 6th floor apartment in St Kilda, we knew that Bonnie was the one. We clicked instantly and we took her home.

Everything for her was new, from runs in the park to being allowed on a couch – The elevator was interesting the first few trips! After a little while settling in, she loved her new life with frequent trips to pubs and bar crawls around St Kilda (where she was very popular), to road trips and having free reign over the apartment.


In June 2018 she was diagnosed with cancer in the back leg. The surgeon couldn’t get the margins to remove it, so it was decided to remove her leg. But this hasn’t slowed her down at all! You’ll find Bonnie trotting happily alongside her mum & dad and going on frequent 4km runs.


We can’t imagine the life she previously led as even now, if you pet her and she doesn’t see you, she’ll cringe until she knows who it is. But there’s one thing we know for certain, Bonnie is a goofy, loving and resilient dog that inspires us to live everyday with gratitude.


We built Petminda upon the love we have for our Bonnie and the understanding that pets and their owners have a unique bond, and if we had it our way, we’d never want to leave their side! 


So that’s why we created an automated pet pod that allows us to spend more time with our pets while keeping them safe and comfortable at all times! Petminda lets you conveniently run your errands while your pets rest in the pod and await your return.


With Petminda, you can spend more time with your beloved pet and less time worrying about their safety!


Our Mission

To create a world where pets are always safe and never have to miss out.

Our Vision

To bring the pet community closer to their pets and one another through innovation.

Our founders

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Sarah Horstman

Co-Founder & Director

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Blake Horstman

Co-Founder & Director

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Bonnie Horstman

Co-Founder & CCO (Chief Cuddle Officer)

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