Did You Know?

Dog theft has more than doubled in Melbourne since lockdown! With more people out and about, Petminda is the best choice to keep your pets safe while spending more time together.

Why Use Petminda?

No more risk-taking by tying your pets up or leaving them in your car while you shop! With the Petminda Pet Pods, you can spend more quality time with your beloved pet and conveniently shop while your pets stay safe and comfortable in the pod.

Mobile Access

Secure enclosure accessible only by the pet owner via the mobile app

Updates & Monitoring

Live video feed so you can check in on your pet and receive in-app updates

Secure Cashless Payments

The pods are charged automatically per time used

Safer For Everyone

Increased safety for pets from other animals and potential harm


Located conveniently outside retail establishments so you can shop with ease

Comfortable & Spacious

Even the biggest and fluffiest dogs can rest comfortably in the large, spacious pet pods

Safe Design

Designed with fail-safe measures to ensure your animal is always safe

Clean & Sanitary

UVC light disinfects the pods after each use, killing 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens

Temperature Control

Climate control air conditioning to regulate temperature

100% Australian-Owned

An Australian first, the pet pods are designed and manufactured solely in Australia

Our Mission

To create a world where pets are always safe and never have to miss out.

Our Vision

To bring the pet community closer to their pets and one another through innovation.

The Pet pods

The first of its kind in Australia! Fully automated pods designed with the utmost care to keep your pets safe and comfortable while you pop in and out of the shops.

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The Pet pods

The first of its kind in Australia! Fully automated pods designed with the utmost care to keep your pets safe and comfortable while you pop in and out of the shops.

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How it works

Keep your pets safe, secure and always nearby in three simple steps!

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Register Your Account

Create your account and login to the app.

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Park Your Pooch!

Scan the pod’s ID, settle your pet in and lock the door with the app.

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Shop Worry-Free

Shop with ease knowing that your pets are safe and comfortable.

The Petminda Process

The Petminda app and pods are designed to work harmoniously together for your ease of use and convenience!


Create your Petminda account

Select & unlock the pet pod

Scan or enter the pod's ID code

Park your pooch inside!

Select "Commence Stay"

Door locks & timer starts

Done shopping? Pick up your pet!

Unlock the door via the app

Close the door and select "Finish Stay"

Door locks & UVC cleaning begins


Available Now

Petminda has started launching around Australia. Register your interest to be the first in the know about new locations, launches, competitions, and more!

To use a pod near you simply download the Petminda app to your phone and register your pooch and your good to go!

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Here’s what these passionate pet owners had to say in our focus groups!


I can take my dog everywhere I go now, especially since I walk to the shops very regularly. I usually have to leave her at home if I’m visiting the post office, supermarket or other shops where she cannot go inside.

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There’s been so many times I’ve had the dogs in the car and I’ve wanted to quickly stop at the shopping centre but have had to go home first or do a very mad dash while leaving the dog in the car. Well, not anymore with these pet pods!

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I like the idea of not having to worry about driving all the way back home to drop off our dog only to have to come back to get groceries. This will save me so much extra time in the day.

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Live Video Pet Monitoring

Check in on your pet via the live video feed streaming from the camera inside the pod, directly to the app. You can shop stress-free while they relax in the comfortable air-conditioned pods and await your return.

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Always Convenient & Safe

With the convenient pet pods always close by, you can spend even more precious time with your beloved pets and less time worrying about their safety! The pods are only accessible via the app, and are designed with fail-safe measures in place to ensure that your pets are safe and secure at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce Petminda? It's ``Pet-mind-ahhh``! Here are the answers to more of your burning questions!

Can my large dog fit in the pod?

Yes, they can! The internal sizing of the pods are similar to a 42″ x 30″ large crate suited for 80-100 lbs animals - big enough to fit an Alaskan Malamute comfortably.

Are the pet pods easy to steal or damage?

No, they are not as the pet pods are bolted to the ground and made with high-quality reinforced fiberglass. Additionally, the pet pod locations will have CCTV monitoring for extra security.

Do the pods get hot in summer?

Pods all have climate controlled air conditioning to ensure an ambient, safe temperature year round in all of Australia's varying climates.

What happens if the pet soils the pod?

Pet owners are required to clean up after their pet with the sanitary products provided on site. Failure to do so will incur a cleaning fee. Photos are taken throughout each use for evidence. The pods will be locked until the retailers on site can attend.

What happens if there is a power outage?

In the event of a power outage, the door will remain locked. There will be an override key held on site by the centre security/retail management to collect the pet. An automatic notification SMS will be sent to the pet owner to instruct them to collect their pet.

My animal is anxious, is Petminda suitable to use?

As with any service, it is up to the owner to determine if the service is suitable for their animal. The pods are very similar to crate training - a safe secluded sanctuary away from harm's way. Any owner protective enough to spend money in order to secure their animal will ultimately not put their beloved animal in a situation causing undue stress.