Why Provide Petminda?

Having Petminda at your retail establishment offers dog owners a safe place to leave their pooch so they can come inside and shop. Petminda will increase foot traffic in your store due to the following ways:

• Customers are much more likely to stop having somewhere safe to house their pooch

• Customers are much more likely to stay longer as they are not worried about their pooch outside which equal to increased purchases

• Customers are much more likely to return knowing there is Petminda available t keep their pooch safe

Level-up against the competition and be
known as an innovative, industry leader!

Petminda is a brand-new service to the Australian market, leading
the way in keeping Australia’s pooches safe and connected.

Improve amenity and security, provide a valuable service
and increase foot traffic. Reduce stress for dogs and
owners, prevent dog theft and give owners peace of mind.

People love their pooches. What better way is there to connect with
a customer than through the health and safety of their loved one.

Commercial pricing

Lease pricing:
1 pod – $100 per week.                    * Minimum 6 month lease
2 pods – $150 per week.                   * Further discounts for volume.

What does this include?
✓ Worry free, no involvement service (master key kept with security only).
✓ Installation/removal of pods (Centre electrician to connect/disconnect power).
✓ 24/7 Petminda call centre support.
✓ Petminda targeted marketing and promotional events.
✓ Media exposure.