Petminda Pty Ltd ACN 639 525 027 (“We” or “Petminda”) operates a mobile phone application (“App”) where Users can temporarily keep their pets in fully automated, secure pods (“Pods”). By accessing or viewing our website, (“Website”), using the App or accessing or using the Pod, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions (“Terms”).

Any reference to “you” or the “User” includes any person who accesses or uses our Website, App or Pods.

  1. Nature of Information
  2. Any information provided by us under our Website or the App is of a general nature only.
  3. Use of the Website
  1. Whilst we will use our best endeavours to ensure that our Website is free from viruses, we make no such warranty that it is, and it is your responsibility to ensure that our Website does not expose you to any viruses or other code that is harmful or may cause harm.
  1. You must only use our Website for lawful purposes, which may include:
    1. browsing any part of our Website solely in order to view it; or
    2. using the App.
  1. Email addresses, contact forms and any other communication forms that appear on our Website are for professional communications only and must not be used to send unsolicited messages.
  1. Access to the App
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age to access and use the App. If you are under this age, a parent or guardian must use the App and accept these Terms.
  3. In order to access and use the App, you must register an account through the App (“Account”).
  4. By creating an Account, you agree that all information provided by you is true and correct and that you will maintain and update this information in order to keep it current, complete and accurate.
  5. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and Account and for any and all statements made and acts or omissions that occur through the use of your Account. Therefore, you must take steps to ensure that others do not gain unauthorised access to your password and Account. You may not transfer or share your Account with anyone and we reserve the right to immediately terminate your Account if you do transfer or share your Account.
  6. Once you have created an Account, if you wish to use a Pod, you must scan a QR code on the Pod using your App. You will then be prompted to pay the fee (as displayed on the App) and can leave your pet inside the Pod. Payment is accepted by credit or debit card via an online payment facility, Stripe.
  7. All payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable except as set out in clause 5 or unless otherwise required by law.
  8. Use of the Pods
  1. We care about the health and safety of your pet. To make sure you and your pet have a pleasant experience, these Terms must be strictly complied with.
  2. You will be required to warrant that your pet is up to date with its vaccinations and deworming at the time of registering an Account.
  3. Pets under the age of 16 weeks should not be left in the Pods unless you have sought veterinary advice first.
  4. Only one pet should be left inside a Pod.
  5. You should not use the Pod if your pet:
    1. is not up to date with its vaccinations;
    2. is suffering from any contagious illness (such as canine flu);
    3. suffers from anxiety;
    4. has any heart issues that may lead to heart failure;
    5. may be a risk to other people or animals;
    6. is on immune suppressive medication or has a compromised immune system
  6. You should ensure your pet is adequately hydrated prior to leaving them in a Pod, or leave a water bowl in the Pod for them. Petminda does not provide water bowls.
  7. Users should ensure that their mobile phone has adequate reception and battery before leaving their pet in the Pod. This is to ensure that you can check on your pet through a camera feed as well as unlock the Pod using the App. However, in the event of any issues, please attend the retailer’s centre management / security office for further assistance.
  8. Pets should only be left in the Pod for a maximum of 1 hour.
  9. If pets remain abandoned in the Pod, Petminda will use its best endeavours to contact you or the emergency contact provided. If we are unable to reach you or the emergency contact, Petminda or local council will collect your pet and take them to the nearest veterinary hospital or animal shelter (at your cost). Location of retrieved pets can be advised by contacting 1800-PMINDA.
  10. Users are required to clean up after their pet with the sanitary products provided on site, including removing any pet waste. Failure to do so will incur a cleaning fee of $50.
  11. Once you have unlocked the Pod, you must follow the prompts and ensure that you remove the animal and close the Pod door before you select “end session” on the App to avoid being charged further costs.
  12. If, on collecting your pet, your pet appears to require veterinary attention, please take your pet to the nearest vet immediately (at your cost).
  13. In case of an emergency, you must follow the centre’s emergency evacuation plan and contact us immediately to notify us about the emergency. We will send a staff member out promptly to assist in retrieving your pet from the Pod, however please note that due to travel time and factors outside of our control, this may take up to 30 minutes. At some locations (but not all), centre management will have a master key to the Pods to be able to retrieve your pet immediately. When safe to do so, please return to the Pods or other location as directed by centre management or us to retrieve your pet. If your pet is not retrieved, we will follow the procedure set out in clause 4(i).
  14. The Pods are not boarding kennels. By using the Pods, Petminda is not taking custody of your pet. Custody and possession of your pet at all times remains with the User.
  1. Cancellations and Refunds
  2. You may cancel your Account at any time. If you wish to use a Pod again after cancellation, you will need to re-create an account.
  3. We may cancel your Account and terminate your access to the App or Pods immediately if you breach these Terms or do anything which may cause loss or damage to us.
  4. If your Account is cancelled, we cannot guarantee that any data or information associated with that Account will still be accessible, and we reserve the right to delete this information.
  5. You have a number of rights and consumer guarantees under Australian Consumer Law, including that the App and Pods are fit for purpose and provided with acceptable levels of care and skill.
  6. If during your use of the App or Pods we do not meet the guarantees above, please contact us immediately and provide us with details and evidence (if possible) of the problem.
  7. If the App or Pods are confirmed to have a major problem and you have already paid the fee, we will refund all or part of the fee (as applicable) to your original payment method at your request. The applicable refund amount will be determined by the nature of the problem and the degree to which Petminda is responsible for the problem.
  8. We do not offer refunds where you insisted on having products or services provided in a particular way against our advice or contrary to the configuration of the App or Pods, failed to clearly explain your needs to us, simply changed your mind, or were unable to use or access the App due to issues outside of our control.
  9. Nothing in this clause is intended to exclude any of your statutory rights as a consumer under Australian Consumer Law.
  10. Limitation of Liability
  11. Petminda will ensure its Pods are fit for purpose and comply with the consumer guarantees in the Australian Consumer Law. However, if you notice any fault or damage to the Pods, please notify us immediately.
  12. Further, whilst Pods are temperature controlled and sanitised between use, it is ultimately the responsibility of the User to comply with Terms and not use the Pods if there is any risk to the health or safety of your pet.
  1. To the extent permitted by law and except as otherwise stated in these Terms, we accept no responsibility and exclude all liability to you on any basis for any claim, loss, injury, liability, demand, costs, including legal costs, expenses or damage (“Claim”), however caused, which you may suffer in relation to your use of our Website, the App or the Pods.
  1. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from all Claims arising from your misuse of our Website, the App or the Pods, your negligence or your breach of these Terms.
  2. You further agree to hold us harmless from all Claims arising due to issues outside of our control, such as natural disasters, vandalism, strikes, lockouts or pandemics, or your pet’s behaviour.
  1. Our Website may contain links to external websites. We do not control the content of those websites or endorse them in any way and accept no liability in relation to the quality or accuracy of any content on other websites or of any breaches of law by those other websites.
  1. Intellectual Property
  2. Unless otherwise indicated, we own or have the rights to use:
    1. all copyright in our Website, the App and their contents;
    2. all intellectual property, including patent or design rights, in the App; and
  • any trade names or trade marks associated with the Website and the App.
  1. You must not in any way copy, reproduce, replicate, reverse engineer or imitate any part of our Website or App or pod.
  2. You must not in any way reproduce, publish, communicate or adapt any part of our Website, including any these Terms, without our prior written consent.
  3. We reserve all rights in relation to all intellectual property.
  4. General
  5. We may, in our absolute discretion, change these Terms from time to time without notice to you.
  6. Parts of our Website may not be updated regularly and may therefore be out of date.
  7. Details of how we collect, use and disclose your personal information is contained in our Privacy Policy and forms part of these Terms.
  8. If any part of any of these Terms is void, then the part that is void may be severed.

These Terms, your use of our Website, the App and Pods and any dispute arising out of these are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia.