Having a RUFF time settling your dog in a pod?

Having a RUFF time settling your pooch in a pod?

Hello Petminda Community! Are you nervous about how your pooch will react to their first pod experience, have you tried but your pooch ‘lifted their leg’ at the idea? You’re not alone – While many dogs are comfortable and like the relaxing break before setting off on their next adventure, some can be a little cautious with a new space or get a bit anxious when you’re not around.  We have some great training tips to help you settle your dog in a pod.

We’ve been lucky enough to have Australia’s most loved animal behaviourist, Laura V of Dognitive Therapy  stop by and provide some tips to help the Petminda community settle their pooch in a pod.



Step 1.

Introduce your dog to the pod. Reward them immediately. Make the reward something they don’t usually get, that is particularly high value to them.

Step 2.

Open the door and offer them a reward for exploring the pod.

Step 3.

Bring their favourite treats and toys and place them inside the pod. Do not leave items in the pod that can be destroyed or choked on.

Step 4.

Leave the door open while they get familiar with the pod.

Step 5.

Speak positively and reward them verbally along with treats and lots of pats for going into the pod.

Step 6.

Use a command to associate them with entering the pod, like “Pod”, or “Inside”.

Step 7.

Start with a couple of seconds and work your way up to longer time periods, ensuring your dog is always calm and optimistic about entering the pod. Put it on cue with the high value rewards and allow your dog to enter the pod by choice. It is important not to compel or force your dog to enter and stay in the pod.

Step 8.

When you feel your pooch is feeling safe and relaxed, try closing the door and wait outside for a few seconds, working your way up to longer time frames, depending on your dogs level of comfort.

Always return to the dog BEFORE they are uncomfortable. This is key to the successful training.

We hope these steps help to ease your pooch into the pod, it can take a little practice and getting use to.  If you need any more help or assistance we are always available for a chat at 1800PMINDA or you can email us at info@petminda.com.  We are also available to come and meet you on site to assist you with the pods.


LOVE the Petminda team 😀🐾


– Laura V is an expert animal behaviourist, she’s also a published author, speaker and trainer you can check out her webpage HERE.